Junior NW Engineer

  • Location:

    Addis Ababa
  • Rate/Salary:

  • Experience

    0-+Year(s) Ex
  • Posted:

    7 months ago / 159 View(s)

Job Description

BSC degree in electrical and computer Engineering, computer science or software engineering only 2013 EC graduates with CGP of 2.5 and above 


    responsible for the Solution design and implementation activities.

How to apply:

    We only need one page CV and other documents are not required application date 5 consecutive days from the 1st date of announcement.
  • company:

    Kenera International Trading PLC
  • Phone:

    00 0000 00000
  • Duration

    06-Feb-22 - 11-Feb-22
  • Date to apply:

    7 months ago

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