Project Manager

at Walabu Construction as Full-time
  • Location:

    Addis Ababa
  • Rate/Salary:

  • Experience

    0-14Year(s) Ex
  • Posted:

    2 months ago / 53 View(s)

Job Description

Remuneration for all position is based on company scale and benefit package 
Fluency in speaking ,reading and writing Afaan Oromo is mandatory


    MSc/BSc in civil Eng./coTM,  Hydraulics Eng. and related,8 years work experience for MSc , 10 years work experience for BSc.

How to apply:

    Applicant should apply in person having the original of curriculem vitae and other credential documents at the office located finfinnie lebu (Musica sefer) in the building located in front of commercial bank of ethiopia (eratu branch) 5th floor and registration date is 7 working days of announcement...
  • company:

    Walabu Construction
  • Phone:

    00 0000 00000
  • Duration

    03-Nov-22 - 11-Nov-22
  • Date to apply:

    1 month from now

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