Sales and promotion officer

  • Location:

    Addis Ababa
  • Rate/Salary:

  • Experience

    4-+Year(s) Ex
  • Posted:

    6 months ago / 1564 View(s)

Job Description

degree in pharmacy


    a minimum of 4 years of relevant work experience
    good command of English
    computer literate
    preferable in scale & promotion or related job position.

How to apply:

    interested applicants who meet the above requirement are required to send their credentials till July 16, 2021 to momentum office around agona cinema misrak flour and bread factory compound in person.
  • company:

    momentum Pharmaceuticals plc
  • Phone:

  • Duration

    04-Jul-21 - 16-Jul-21
  • Date to apply:

    6 months ago

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